Dry Air Supply Project Development News

This dry air supply project development news page provides information on the development programme (data, pictures, comments and calculations) and product performance data.



Dry Air Supply Project: Prototype heat exchanger coiler
Heat exchanger pipe coiling jig. © AGISEN Limited 2017

August 2017: Dry Air Supply Project: Development of the heat exchanger coiling rig. Fabricated from an old cable winder with milled aluminum spacer plates mounted to the main shaft



Dry Air Supply Project: Prototype heat exchanger
Fabricated heat exchanger coil. © AGISEN Limited 2017

First of many fabricated heat exchanger coils. Pipe purchased with external wire heat dissipation fins which were soldered directly to the external pipe wall.



As part of the Dry Air Supply Project development programme the effect of internal heat exchanger turbulators on the thermal performance of the exchanger were investigated.  These were fabricated in-house using a proprietary technique using corrosion-resistant, stainless steel wire.  The fabrication technique allows a variety of turbulator designs to be easily made.


Dry Air Supply Project: Turbulator production first attempt.
First attempt at making a turbulator. © AGISEN Limited 2017


Dry Air Supply Project: Turbulator production working well.
One of the prototype turbulator designs. © AGISEN Limited 2017



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